Product specification: 90%, 95%

Product character: this product is white to off-white crystalline powder or granule, and is soluble in organic solvent such as ethyl alcohol.

Main indexes:

Test item


  90% 95%
Total content (%) ≥90 ≥95
Loss on drying (%)


Ignition residue /(%)


Heavy metal (calculated as Pb) mg/kg


Packing specification: packages of 25kg in woven bag and 25kg in fiber drum are available.

Main application: it is widely used in food to reduce the cholesterol in human body. Phytosterol has strong anti-inflammatory function for human. It can restrain the absorption, promote the catabolism, and restrain the bio-chemical synthesize of cholesterol. It can be used to prevent and cure the atherosclerosis of coronary artery, and has good curative effect for anabrosis, SSCC and cervical cancer; it can promote the wound healing, the muscle regeneration, and the capillary circulation; it can be used as the retardant of gall-stone. In addition, it is the important material for the production of steroid agents and vitamin D3. 


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