Factory wholesale Light Yellow & Brownish Red - Natural Vitamin E Dry Powder – Dahongying

Product specification: 20%, 30%

Product character: it is of starch embedding type, and is light yellow to yellow itinerant powder or granule

Main indexes:

Test item


  25% 30%
Total content (%) ≥25 ≥30
Relative content of d-(β+γ+δ) tocopherol/(%)


Loss on drying (%)


Specific optical rotation


Pb mg/(kg)


As mg/(kg)


Granularity (through 20-mesh screen)


Packing specification: packages of 25kg in fiber drum is available. Customer orders are acceptable as well.

Main application: as having strong inoxidizability and nutritional reinforcement, it can be used as the additive in food or feed.


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