Factory Cheap Mixed Tocopherol Oil - Squalene – Dahongying

Product character: it is light yellow to brownish red transparent oily liquid, and has well odor.

Main indexes:

Test item


Total content (%)


Packing specification: packages of 50kg and 190kg in metal bucket are available. Customer orders are acceptable as well.

Main application: Squalene has strong inoxidizability and biological activity, and is mainly applied to health food, medicine or cosmetics. When applied to medicine and health food, it can prevent and cure the heart disease, hypertension, hypotension or stroke caused by poor circulation. It can also release the coronary heart disease, myocarditis and myocardial infarction. It can greatly reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride, and can postpone the formation of atherosclerosis. When applied to cosmetics, it can prevent the skin injury due to high temperature and ultraviolet light. Also, it can prevent the water desorption of skin, and thus to realize the moisturizing function. Furthermore, it can prevent the rough skin, improve the immunity of skin, and make the skin healthy and glossy. It also has detoxification function, as it can remove the ester-soluble crude toxin in human tissue, such as dioxin, PCB, DDT and insecticide. 


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