China Factory for D-Alpha Tocopherol 1000iu - D-Delta Tocopherol – Dahongying

Product specification: 30%, 50%, 70%

Product character: this product is light yellow to brownish red pellucid viscous oily liquid with no characteristic odor. It has a relative density of 0.932-0.955, and has good inoxidizability in heat environment. Oxidative blackening may appear when exposed to air or light. It is not soluble in water but soluble in ethyl alcohol. It can be mixed with acetone, chloroform, diethyl ether or vegetable oil.

Main indexes:

Test item


  30 50 70
Total content (%) ≥30 ≥50 ≥70
Relative content of d-α-tocopherol/ (%)


Specific optical rotation




Heavy metal (calculated as Pb) mg/kg


Remark: other indexes are in accordance with the requirement of FCC, as well as applicable laws and regulations of EU.

Packing specification: packages 5kg, 10kg and 20kg in plastic drum, 5kg in aluminum bottle, 50kg and 190kg in metal bucket, and 950kg in IBC are all available. Customer orders are acceptable as well.

Main application: it can be used as antioxidant in animal and vegetable oil, fried noodles, instant noodles, compound condiment or some kinds of beverage.

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