Cheapest Price Light Yellow & Brownish - D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate – Dahongying

Product specification: 1185IU – 1210IU

Product character: this product is white to off-white crystalline powder or granule with almost no characteristic odor. It has a melting point of 75℃, and is stable in air. It will become instable when exposed to alkali or heat. It is not soluble in water but soluble in ethyl alcohol. It can be mixed with acetone, chloroform, diethyl ether or vegetable oil. It is very soluble in chloroform.

Main indexes:

Test item


  1210 1185
Appearance Powder Granule
Total content (%) ≥96.0 ≥96.0
Specific optical rotation




Heavy metal (calculated as Pb) mg/kg


Remark: other indexes are in accordance with the requirement of FCC, as well as applicable laws and regulations of EU.

Packing specification: packages of 25kg in fiber drum is available. Customer orders are acceptable as well.

Main application: it can be used to press into multivitamin tablets, or for the filling of hard capsules. It can also be used as the additive of high-quality health care products, or as the raw material of high-quality cosmetics. It shall be added according to product condition or suggestion of dietician. In developed countries such as Japan, Europe or America, D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate is widely applied in health food. Almost all the nutritious supplements in form of tablet or capsule adopt it as the material. 


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